What is the BODYQ®

BODYQ® is a first of its kind technology that integrates a body testing tool used to assess movement, function, general health, balance, and performance. BODYQ® combines a dynamic set of measurements with state-of-the-art functional imaging on a user-friendly technology suite allowing easy to read results with full-color graphics. Each client will receive an overall BODYQ® score as well as individual scores for specific areas of health. This allows the FYZICAL® Therapist and trainers to customize improvement plans for your unique goals.

The Benefits of BODYQ®

  1.  It allows adults to learn more about their health to take an active role in aging well.
  2.  It screens for fall risk which is the largest threat to older adults longevity
  3.  It screens for hearing related issues associated with cognitive function.
  4.  It gives you a road map to start improving your health today!
  5.  It makes the INVISIBLE visible. You may not have known you had a knee problem that would have led to a replacement in the upcoming years.