About Us

BODYQ is a first of its kind technology that integrates a body testing tool used to assess movement, function, general health, balance, and performance. BODYQ combines a dynamic set of measurements with state-of-the-art functional imaging on a user-friendly technology suite allowing easy to read results with full-color graphics.

How It Works


Each client will receive an overall BODYQ® score as well as individual scores for specific areas of health.This allows the FYZICAL® Therapist and trainers to customize improvement plans for our client’s unique goals.

  • 84%


  • 55%


  • 78%


  • 75%

    Basic Health

  • 93%


  • 79%




We generate a comprehensive report designed to prevent injuries and prevent potential health problems before they happen.

If necessary, a health care professional will generate a medically-based individual fitness plan for you, that could include:

Fitness Program
Physical Therapy
Physician Referral

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